Earth regeneration and renewal is celebrating 100 years of activity worldwide with the biodynamic movement, and you are invited to join us at the Sydney public conference and other events.
On this journey, you will find out what is biodynamics, what it has achieved, and future developments to meet current environmental crises.
Biodynamics is an International Movement which will celebrate its Centenary of 100 years in 2024. Biodynamics uses descriptive language for :
• soil
• plants
• animals
• humans
• planet and fixed stars
to show their relationships to each other
Biodynamics practices show the interconnectedness of above and below, and caring for each living entity. It practises deep observations and connection to each other within the earth realm and social community. At the same time, we are connected with each other worldwide.
Biodynamics uses nature’s free environmental services and earthly forces below – a necessary mediator between cosmos and earth via the preparations.

Below is the program for the Centenary Public Conference in May. We hope to see you there.

Full conference fee $240 (includes concerts).
There may be $30 tickets available for the concerts at 6:55 pm.
This popular timely event will book out early.
Saturday lunch $10 cash
Lectures will commence on time, when the door will be closed, so please be seated 10 mins. prior to the lecture.
Pre- and post—conference events for the year of celebration:
Biodynamics Sydney (BD100) acknowledges the support of the Berney Foundation and the Sydney branch of the Anthroposophical Society, members and friends.
Free-will donations are welcome.
We acknowledge the people of Gadigal nation on whose land we meet.
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Enquiries: 0422747092 (text only)

Ueli Hurter, writer and author, with broad experience in the larger picture of biodynamics in the world, will bring new insights into the lectures. He has developed many projects for a healthy, peaceful world, supporting new initiatives in many countries. He changed his active and leading involment in the FermeFromagerie de L’AUBIER in Switzerland, where he had previously farmed, with its eco associative enterprises (an eco-hotel, an organic restaurant, organic city cafe, hotel and eco-housing, cheese factory and farm). He has been involved with the Agriculture Section since 1994, becoming its joint leader, and has served as the President of the Swiss Demeter Association, as a Swiss spokenperson to Demeter International. In 2017, an international conference on Soil Fertility (with a personal video greeting by the then Prince Charles) illustrated the connection between soil quality, climate

and food safety, and offered concrete proposals, demostrating how fertile soil contributes to climate protection and food safety.

Helmy Abouleish, Sekem Community Egypt

Laughing children, enthusiastic artists, busy co-workers; all living and learning in a sustainable community in the Egyptian desert since 1977.
The SEKEM Initiative has become a model for sustainable development in both Egypt and the World, embracing economy, ecology, cultural and societal life – contributing to the global environmental and social challenges we face today. Vast desert has been turned into vital and living soil by applying biodynamic farming methods. Sekem embraces different schools, a medical centre, various ethically working organisations, a vocation training centre, and a university for sustainable development. Sekem supports Egyptian farmers to shift from conventional agriculture. Sekem processes and produces organic and Demeter products such as herbs and spices, food, medicinal herbs, textiles, and phytopharmaceuticals.
Business is not about profit maximisation, but about a social and respectful dealing with each other and providing a fair share for all. Four activity fields are ecology, economy, culture and society, which are linked with the sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Additionally, the first faculty of Organic Agriculture in Egypt was opened at Heliopolis University for Sustainable Agriculture where more young people are trained for a dignified future, spreading the concept within governmental education institutions also reaching the national level, by creating villages and new communities in former desert regions.
Sekem supports farmers to shift from conventional to organic and Demeter agriculture.
Helmy will join us from Egypt. We are looking forward to his friendly and humorous style, with in-depth practical experiences as CEO of Sekem.

Vanya Cullen

Cullen Wines, Margaret River, W.A.

Biodynamic winemaker, Vanya Cullen, says that when the soil is at peace, just like we humans, when we are well and at one with Nature, then we are better. “I want to be at peace with my soils and those around me. Using biodynamics, there is a greater liveliness – more vibrancy. The wines are made letting them do their own thing. We don’t add anything. Of course, we use homeopathic remedies of Steiner’s – the range from BD500 through to BD508. We learn to trust the grapes to fulfil their part in the process, given that we have looked after them in the vineyard, given them a clean healthy environment to grow.
”It’s the quality that sells the wine, and the biodynamic approach is part of making wines which have integrity coming from a sustainable agriculture”.
Climate positive wines are part of her memberships group ICWA which operate in seven countries and which is decarbonising wine through soil fertility and using renewable energy in wineries, packing and transportation.

29/04/2024. There are many benefits of personally attending the Biodynamic Centenary Conference on 11&12 May. Apart from the free films, concerts and morning and afternoon teads, you can also interact with the international, interstate and local speakers, as well as other audience participants. You may be lucky enough to take part in random “Vox Pops” surveys in the breaks!You can also visit the lunchtime Sale Table and of course the Steiner bookshop, which will be open at all the breaks. There are also two art exhibitions on the ground floor and the top floor. Most importantly, you will be part of the living human presence which is so important for the speakers, and brings a wonderful success of the conference. The fee for the conference already has a built-in concession, however Biodynamics Sydney members can claim a further concession of 10%, so why not join BD Sydney now!

06/05/2024. There are a small number of seats left for this weekend’s conference, and the organisers are offering discounted seats. The revised fee schedule is:

1. 10% discount for paid-up members of BD Sydney

2. $30 for a single lecture of your choice

3. $120 (half conference fee) for one-day attendance

4. $30 concert only seats still available

For option 1 membership of BD Sydney is $50.

Important: To  use any of these options you will need to advise us of your intentions by 10am on Friday 10 May. Please email us or call or text us on 0422447092.

Payment can be made to: BSB: 611001 A/c129258 with your name as reference, or with cash or card at the door. Parking is available across the road for $13 per day flat weekend rate. Hoping to see you at what promises to be an inspiring 100-year conference, which will not come this way again in our lifetime!

7/04/2024. At this weekend’s Biodynamic Centenary Conference, we will be eating, not fast food, but life-filled biodynamic food prepared with respect for Rudolf Steiner’s nutrition indications for a healthy life.

How can you go past:

*Paris Creek Biodynamic cheeses, butter, milk and yoghurt from South Australia

*Mungalli Biodynamic Dairy cheeses and yoghurts from Queensland

*Greenwood Demeter Orchards’ Biodynamic fruit and juice from Victoria

*Pineview Orchards, Batlow, fruit, vegetables and

*Biodynamic herbs from Glovers Garden in Sydney

Do come and join us at the conference – see also our email with revised booking arrangements to make it easier for people to attend individual sessions. Don’t forget there will also be a sale table at the conference!

20/05/2024.A reminder of the Steiner’s agriculture lectures monthly Study Group, farmer’s meditations and related interactive discussions. All welcome – This Monday 27th of May, 3-5 pm at Rudolf Steiner House, 307 Sussex St. Sydney.

BD Sydney holds workshops, lectures, film screenings, a training apprenticeship program (T.A.P.), and backyard garden advisory service. It has also run programs in Cyprus, China, and as a keynote speaker at the BD N.Z. Conference and A.G.M. Workshops profile the concept of wild garden and planting with various cover crops.

Danielle’s wild food garden

Biodynamics Sydney

Biodynamics Sydney exists to promote the benefits and advantages of Biodynamic Agriculture to its supporters and the public, and to raise the profile of Biodynamics above the usual perception of gardening to one of world-wide significance in times of climate change.Benefits of becoming a supporter of the Sydney BD group are:

  • information
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More specifically, it also allows you to:

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  • access garden information and assistance with problems
  • environmental crises – find up-to-date solutions

Why not support us now? – a group aiming for an ecologically sustainable future, based on old and practical wisdom and knowledge with a “hands-on” approach right in the present. Check us out at inc. Your subscription purchases ingredients & ‘BD preps’ for more compost heaps!

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Inexpensive solutions to help nourish your soil and remediate contaminated soil and atmosphere

BD500 – soil preparation
BD501 – atmospheric preparation
Soil Activator – activates microbial life and nourishes soil
BD Tree Paste – for tree damage repair
Biodynamic Compost – available from May – order now
Biodynamic Compost Preparations

Preparations made by the Soft Soils Group in Sydney, and available from Rudolf Steiner Book Centre, Rozelle and at workshops.

Interviews by James Bretherton with Diane Watkin

  1. Biodynamics
  2. Water and Flood Inundations – Flooding
  3. Food Security
  4. Weeds and their uses and benefits
  5. Premium Soil Fertility and CO2 carbon capture and usage (6 mins)

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“Excess carbon regenerating soils”

Link to 2 mins. Biodynamic Workshop Promotional Video by James Bretherton:!AsodmVdPDr7YgwzEyXKo4Qmt8oDV

‘Agriculture Lectures’ (R. Steiner)
‘Grasp the Nettle’ (P. Proctor)
‘Antipodean AstroCalendar’ (B. Keats)
‘Agriculture’ (Alex Podolinsky)
‘The Biodynamic Preparations’ (M. Klett)
‘Bees’ (R. Steiner)
‘2024 Calendar’ (M. Thun) (northern hemisphere)
‘Future Soils’ Scientific tests (BD Sydney)

Trials, studies, tests. “Future Soils” document (available from the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre).